Washington State BAR Attorney Search

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The Washington State Bar Association allows a user to search for a licensed attorney practicing within the state by name, city, county, practice area, committees, and languages. It is best to fill-in as much as possible in order to narrow the results.

If a user seeks further assistance they may go to the BAR’s contact page or use the contact following details:

  • AddressWashington State Bar Association - 1325 4th Ave., Ste. 600 - Seattle, WA 98101
  • E-Mailquestions@wsba.org 
  • Phone800-945-WSBA (9722)
  • Fax206-727-8319 

How to Search

Step 1: Go to the Washington State Bar Association Portal at: www.wsba.org

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Step 2: Click on the “Lawyer Directory” link located on the left side of the home page.

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Step 3: Enter your search criteria. There are seven fields available to search. The website allows the user to search for an attorney by WSBA Bar #, First Name, Last Name, City, Zip Code, Phone, Committees, Status, Areas of Practice, and Other Languages.

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Step 4: Review the list of attorneys by chosen category and decide which attorney to view. The search allows the user to see each attorney’s bar #, first name, last name, city, and status.

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Step 5: Click on the attorney of choice. The results allows the user to see the attorney’s full contact information, member status, admit date, and WSBA number.

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